Classic Meets Contemporary, Fashion Meets Function

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.
— Edith Head

The Idea

Co-owned by mother, Marlene, and daughter, Melissa, Samoe began in 2011 by non other than an idea sparked from a typical mother/ daughter argument. Mom wants it this way, and daughter wants it that way. Should it be a "shoulder bag" or should it be a "handbag." Eurika! Let's make it to both. And thus the Samoe Convertible Handbag was born. With some ingenuity and a little design input from Grandma, the "perfect" handbag/ shoulder bag was created. With more arguments to ensue, more creations (or compromises) followed. Samoe has now grown to a full Fashion Accessory and Handbag brand, with the hopes of adding a clothing line in the not too distant future. Goes to show that not all arguments lead to no where.


It's no secret mothers and daughters may have a different idea when it comes to what is in style, what looks good, and definitely...what looks bad. Because Samoe is designed by a mother and a daughter the style of the brand criss crosses across many age groups and demographics. Samoe is where "Classic meets Contemporary and Fashion meets Function."- Marlene & Melissa 

They design for longevity, the classic shape of the Samoe handbag was inspired by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, they are classics and will never go out of style but may surprise you once in a while.